Analysis & Decisioning

Algonomy’s innovative AI-powered analysis and decisioning stands as a versatile solution that integrates with any marketing technology stack. What sets Algonomy apart is its compatibility with diverse martech ecosystems, offering marketers the flexibility to enhance existing tools and strategies, regardless of the technology deployed.

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Leading retailers and brands across the globe have grown their revenue by upto 30% with Algonomy’s Omnichannel customer experience optimization

Algonomy’s AI-powered analysis and decisioning is designed to help you understand customer behavior and exploit opportunities hidden within your data, enabling you to automatically create and fine-tune powerful segments.

With 150+ algorithms built-in to identify shared characteristics, interests, behaviors, and affinity, Algonomy empowers advanced behaviorally driven decisions with confidence.

Powerful customer microsegmentation and actionable insights at your fingertips

Rocket Power for Customer Segmentation

Turning customer data into actionable, measurable customer segments available across all channels doesn’t have to be difficult. Algonomy applies constantly competing, behavioral algorithms that optimize your segmentation strategies in real-time, no matter the channel.

AI-Powered, User Controlled

Uniquely, Algonomy puts the power of AI in the hands of the marketer. Marketers can define their own segments, use any of the built-in algorithms, and combine them together in real-time, streaming them to where they are needed.

Actionable Analytics

Access real-time analytics and reports that help you monitor the performance of your campaigns, allowing you to make timely adjustments, fine-tuning your audience and messaging.

Unmatched Data Science and Analytics capabilities with 150+ strategies out-of-the-box for experimentation and optimization

Built-In AI, Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling

Leverage over 150 algorithms and 20 years of proven predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to proactively tailor your marketing strategies.

Fuel your In-House Data Analytics, Data Science and BI

Full access to your customer segments can fuel improved reporting, better analytics, and real-time decisioning across the business that iteratively improves insight, optimization, and revenue opportunities.

Advanced Analytics

Path to purchase, objective based journey outcomes, and performance insights all available at real-time allow you to optimize, experiment, and improve customer journeys.

Full-fledged Customer Experience Platform

Get access to the most comprehensive self serve customer experience platform built for marketers


Versatile customer experience personalization and optimization.

Data & Unification

Real-time data unification for a solid customer data foundation.

Activation & Execution

Transform customer experiences with omnichannel journey personalization.

Versatile customer experience personalization and optimization.

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Real-time data unification for a solid customer data foundation.

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Transform customer experiences with omnichannel journey personalization.

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Omnichannel Customer Experiences

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