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Data is undoubtedly the cornerstone of effective customer insight. Whether you already have a customer data platform or you’re starting with disparate, disconnected data sources, Algonomy’s modular data platform can revolutionize your use of customer data.

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Leading retailers and brands across the globe have grown their revenue by upto 30% with Algonomy’s Omnichannel customer experience optimization

Our platform excels at harnessing and consolidating data from various sources in real-time, creating a unified and comprehensive view of your customers. More than that, Algonomy optimizes your customer data, applying advanced real-time segmentation automatically.

If you’ve already achieved data consolidation, no problem. Algonomy’s modular approach allows us to use your existing data platform fueling both advanced analytics and decisioning.

Here’s how Algonomy helps put your data to work

Holistic Customer

Consolidate data from multiple sources to create detailed customer profiles, enabling you to understand each customer’s journey comprehensively.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

Automatic application of advanced algorithms to segment your audience based on shared characteristics, interests, and behaviors. Converts customer data into actionable insight at real-time for omnichannel activation.

Co-Exists with Your Existing Martech Stack

Modular provision of data hygiene, matching, merging, and ID resolution to meet any requirement. From creation of the 360o customer view to ameliorating your existing customer profiles at real-time.

More reasons why Retailers rely on Algonomy to leverage their data

Seamlessly Integrate Real-Time & Batch Data Sources

Blend continuous real-time streams with structured batch data to unify customer interactions and behavior from every touchpoint. Built-in website event collection and real-time access to customer profiles.

Optional, Built-In Customer Data Platform

Algonomy’s modular approach means that we can work with your existing data platform to fuel both advanced analytics and decisioning endeavors. Adding AI-based segmentation to your existing martech stack has never been easier.

Governance & Compliancy

With regional data hosting, PII protection and encryption, and a range of compliancy specific built-in functions, Algonomy helps to ensure data security standards and governance regulations are adhered to.

Full-fledged Customer Experience Platform

Get access to the most comprehensive self serve customer experience platform built for marketers


Versatile customer experience personalization and optimization.

Analysis & Decisioning

Integrated advanced analytics and AI-powered segmentation.

Activation & Execution

Transform customer experiences with omnichannel journey personalization.

Versatile customer experience personalization and optimization.

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Integrated advanced analytics and AI-powered segmentation.

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Transform customer experiences with omnichannel journey personalization.

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Omnichannel Customer Experiences

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