Customer Centric Merchandising and Supplier Collaboration

Powerful analytics and management software gives you complete visibility and control of your warehouse-to-shelf workflow.

Merchandise Analytics
Merchandise Analytics

Drive intelligent merchandising decisions across assortment planning, inventory management, pricing and promotions.

Supplier Collaboration
Supplier Collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers, automate key processes, and share actionable insights to drive profitable growth.

Drive Insight to Action, with Collaborative Tools and Intelligence

Supercharge Customer Engagement
Take the right action guided by predictive analytics

Use the pre-built algorithms to forecast demand, cluster stores, optimize promotion pricing, and surface likely product affinities, for increased sales and efficiency.

Algorithmically recommend the best solution with prescriptive analytics

Get the algorithmic insights and right recommendations for SKU rationalization, stock outs of fast-moving items, excess stock and offer pricing, making lightwork of some of retail’s most challenging use cases, for better end-to-end results.

Collaborate with suppliers

Use the centralized supplier portal to automate supply chain collaboration. The pre-built workflow engine, with comprehensive data and document management templates, makes it easy to orchestrate process flows internally and with suppliers.

Integrate and manage data

Near real-time insights across departments provide a single version of truth. Easy integration with first and third-party sources exposes the analytics to every aspect of your business.

Explore and discover with rich data visualizations

Use the pre-built analytics dashboards and data visualizations to gain an at-a-glance view of the supply chain, or dive deeply into details. The visualization-to-voice and text-based interface makes it possible to gain the same insights on the go.

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Merchandising and Supplier Collaboration