Algonomy Campaign: Omnichannel Campaign & Journey Orchestration

Drive individualized, journey-based marketing anywhere, every time

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Leading retailers and brands across the globe have grown their revenue with Algonomy’s omnichannel marketing software.

Plan. Orchestrate. Test. Optimize. Repeat.

Leverage machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics to personalize engagement across the entire customer journey.

Right Person

Know your customer inside out

Right Message

Individualize interactions, offer and product recommendations

Right Channel

Connect with customers on the channels of their choosing

Right Time

Engage with customers at an optimal time

Right Experiment

Test the message, channel, and time to optimize for maximum response rate

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Improve Your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Drive journey-based campaigns based on deep customer insights. Improve your marketing campaign ROI with real-time journey optimization.

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Scale Your Omnichannel Campaigns

Enable seamless API-based integrations with existing systems and tools. Natively built for large-scale omnichannel campaign execution and automation.

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Accelerate Time to Value with Retail-specific Features

Use out-of-the-box integrations and an intuitive UX to create workflows, drive campaigns, accelerate deployment cycle, and deliver fast ROI.

The Impact of Omnichannel Marketing


Increase in online revenues


Engagement across channels


Increase in conversions


Growth in incremental sales from targeted campaigns


Reduction in marketing investments


Reduction in campaign management time

Product Features

Real-time Customer Profiles
  • Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Customer
    Get a unified view of each customer across online and offline channels—complete with transaction history, affinities, purchasing habits, activity timeline, and more.
  • Benefit from Dynamic Audience Segments
    Leverage pre-built, automated segments to activate audiences for specific use cases such as churn, cart abandonment, etc. in real-time using an intuitive UI.
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Omnichannel Orchestration
  • Send Personalized Emails & Push Notifications
    Create emails using pre-built templates or modify them with simple drag-and-drop options. Connect with customers in real-time through push notifications for iOS and Android.
  • Automate Customer Journeys
    Be it a trigger-based journey or an event-based journey, the tool pushes relevant messaging that nudges the customer down the purchase funnel.
  • Minimize Your Effort with Journey Templates
    Choose from a repository of prebuilt campaign templates to build campaigns from scratch, or build custom templates to suit your audience and business requirement.
Automated Campaign Management
  • Manage All Your Campaigns From One Place
    Use an intuitive Campaign Calendar—built with the business user in mind—to create, modify, and track a campaign and the journeys within.
  • Create Customer Journeys With Ease
    Use simple drag-and-drop features to build customer journeys. Activity, Delay, Conditions, Channels can be added in the journey.
Measure Campaign Effectiveness with Journey Analytics
  • Optimize Campaigns for ROI & Engagement Metrics
    Measure and optimize your campaigns based on the KPIs that matter the most—page views, repeat visits, cart adds, conversions, etc.—not just clicks.
  • Gain Instant Insights with Built-in Reporting
    Use out-of-the-box data visualizations, dashboards, and reports to drill down into individual and overall promotion, campaign, and journey performance.

What Leading Brands Say About Our Personalized Marketing Software

Seamless Technology Integrations

Algonomy provides out-of-the-box integration with POS, commerce platforms, data platforms, cloud providers, loyalty, and other technologies.

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Algonomy Campaign powers personalized marketing across the channels of email, website, SMS, mobile apps, social media, and direct mail.
  • Algonomy Campaign provides real-time audience activation with automated segments for contextually relevant engagement.
  • Algonomy offers an integrated platform with customer data, insights, personalization, and omnichannel orchestration for seamless customer engagement.
  • Algonomy offers advanced campaign and journey analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness in real-time to help improve marketing ROI.
  • It is the only retail-specific tool supporting industry-specific use cases for faster time to value.
Algonomy understands the unique needs of different retail segments and has proven expertise with the verticals of fashion & apparel, grocery and hypermarkets, convenience stores, restaurant/QSR, specialty, pharma & healthcare, beauty, consumer electronics, B2B, and more.
  • Cart Abandonment
    Track shoppers who added items to their cart but didn’t complete the transaction. Nudge them down the purchase funnel with reminders or limited-time offers.
  • Browse Abandonment
    When a visitor views a product page and doesn’t proceed to add it to the cart, send messages that leverage the product information and encourage the visitor to re-enter the buying journey.
  • App Launch Abandonment
    Track users who launched the app but did not add items to the cart or complete a transaction. Send relevant notifications based on the time of day when the app was launched.
  • List-based Recurring Journey
    Create a list of customers who have not installed your mobile app. Send them SMS messages containing a deep link to the app, incentivizing them for installing and using the app.

Definitely. With new found comfort in shopping on digital channels, customers are truly omnichannel now. Research says that omnichannel consumers spend over 20% more. With this as the new reality, retailers must invest in their omnichannel presence to connect with customers in the channel of their choosing.

As digital sales in the retail industry experience a significant jump, Algonomy Campaign helps retailers and brands connect with customers through omnichannel journey orchestration supported by CDP, personalization, and marketing services, helping them realize revenue growth goals.